By Donjuann
#127499 Good news! We have a new server Pixelmon Stadium. If you are looking for a Pokemon experience like no other, this is the place to go. This is a Easy/No Grief/ PvP type of Survival Server; KeepInventory is on so no worries about losing your items if you die. If you would like to begin your Pokemon Journey to become a Master Trainer,.......We hope to see you on the server...


Server Features:
Server online 24/7 - 99.5% up-time.
Rules and moderated server.
Mature, experienced and active staff.
Free items hidden across spawn, find the “Found Item!” signs!
Blocks/region protection.
chest protection plugins

-Gym Battles
-Rank System
-Team Based Play
-PvP Arena
-and SO Much More!