By BBot4Life
#126318 Name - BBot4Life
Knowledge of Pokemon - Played every gen from Blue to Y
Knowledge of Pixelmon - Been playing for a long time now. Remember when there wasn't even 100.
Knowledge of Pokemon Adventures - It's a pretty good knowledge.
Knowledge of Games - Played a ton of games throughout my life. RPG's , shooters, platformers.
Favorite Gen - 4. Deffinetely gen 4
Favorite Pokemon - Torterra
What have you built? *Pictures required* - (This took a REALLY long time to make),QNU999n,RsdI5Qa,KEGl4nF
What was your last server? - It is still Pikacraft but I have done everything there is to do.
Whats your expierence in general of building/Server running - I have played minecraft for over 3 and a half years now and have had my fair share of builds and servers. I have been Co-Owner on servers but couldn't ever run my own (money).
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By Silentnate347
#126325 Exactly, Im waiting for builders other then myself and the owners :P fill out a applications if you want on!
By LightAdept
#126358 Damn it AnD, almost always finding the good servers before i can :P oh well. But you're right. This server sounds pretty damn cool. I've never been a big fan of recreation servers. My general list is 1. GOOD adventure servers 2. survival servers 3. bad adventure servers 4. recreation servers. But this one sounds like it might be good. The events system sounds amazing, but i'll have to wait and see how its implimented before i can give it a full review. Hope the release goes well! Oh, and i'd love to come on and check it out early, but if you'd rather i wait for public release, i will.
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By Silentnate347
#126371 Probably the hardest thing that will have to be done is the underground sinnoh and MABY the disortion world :P
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By Silentnate347
#126428 Update 6/1/14

Kanto is 100% done
Johto is 85% done
Hoenn is 10% done
Sinnoh is 10% done
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By Silentnate347
#126769 Kanto and Johto are now 100% done! Hoenn is now 50% done! Sinnoh is now 50% done! Wooh progress!!!
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By Silentnate347
#126936 Each hoenn town will now be based off a remake Deviant art of Emerald as seen here ... -282233391
By Mike7430
#126948 Name - Mike7430
Knowledge of Pokemon - Been playing since sapphire, I know everything about competitive and regular pokemon, ev training, ivs and, natures and more
Knowledge of Pixelmon - I started playing pixelmon I don't know what update but there were only four starters (eevee, bulbasaur, squirtle and charmander) and it was around november 2013.
Knowledge of Pokemon Adventures - Well I usually only play on adventure servers, I'm not much of a survival player
Knowledge of Games - Probably a little more than what's healthy
Favorite Gen - My favorite will always be gen 3
Favorite Pokemon - Porygon
What have you built? *Pictures required* -,mx231R1#0 - just some walls that could easily be made into something else, didn't really want to make a full scale build, - this is just a small mountainside/hill I made, would've been bigger but I had no access to worldedit
What was your last server? - My last server was CrashCraft but not being able to pay for a host and it being very laggy I shut it down
Whats your experience in general of building/Server running - I started playing Minecraft summer of 2012, pixelmon about 14 months later, and I really started to get into building around December 2013/January 2014. Gonna be honest, not a lot of experience server running, but I know all the common commands and I'm good at figuring things out.

Also in case you guys don't really need building I'd love to beta test and give feedback
By Mikiflyr
#127009 This... actually sounds really nice. This is single handedly one of the most unique servers I've ever seen. I'm interested to see how this will work out, if this is over excessive and/or can be organized correctly. If it can... you have a prime server my friend.