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Zuaro » June 26th, 2014, 4:40 pm wrote:My first thoughts on this server was that it's really nice.

I got on and was having loads of fun, playing with my friends and such. The community was pretty good, a little bit of spam, but not too much to ruin it.

Then, when searching in a Jungle biome for a Scyther, a Mew spawned and I found it. I instantly threw my Ninetales at it and tried to catch it. Then, a STAFF member said to 'Let me TPA to you, I won't catch it'.


I allowed him to tpa because he was staff. You can usually trust staff.

Later on he proceeded to say: 'Run from the battle, I can catch it for you.' Because he's staff, I ran. He instantly started to battle it and throw Ultra Balls at it.

He finally caught it and started to bribe me to let him keep it. He offered me six pokemon and a ton of stones, evolution items, and money. I was tempted, but declined because I really liked Mew. I offered to let him keep the Mew, but on Sunday; as that's when Pixelmon 3.1 is announced to be released.

He then disconnects after had refused multiple times to give me the Mew. I assumed his internet was just cutting out, so I didn't worry about it too much.

It wasn't until today that I realized that this server, isn't the server that it's put out to be.

When I got on, I realized Beta was on, and asked him for the Mew back. He said 'Nope'.

I proceeded to ask him 'Why not?' and he said 'Because it's mine, not yours'.

That's the first problem. If someone offers to catch a Pokemon for you, you should be fair and give it to them after catching it. Not bribing them with items.

After I said the story in chat, the rest of the staff started ganging up on me saying that 'It was a wild mew, It's fair game'.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but offering to catch a Pokemon FOR someone, isn't really making it fair game. He straight up told me to run and he will catch it for me.

I would not recommend this server to anyone. The staff doesn't really seem to care nor be fair to their players.

Rating: 1/5

of course its a gym leader that did it, and im pretty sure why too, sorry about this, the gym leader will be fired and I will give you your mew as an apology because this is unacceptable and incredibly childish
so if you want to accept my offer please let me know and i'll do it asap
also if you have the names of the other staff saying it was fair game, let me know
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Zuaro » June 28th, 2014, 7:29 pm wrote:My rating instantly shoots up due to the maturity of that post. I thank you for being mature about this situation. I would gladly accept that offer. Whenever is good for you, I'll try to get on.

when ever it works for you, if im not on ask a mod to ask SPG on skype to get on, if they refuse send them this post
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#130552 Server is updated to 1.7.2 pixelmon 3.1.2
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