By jishness
#11932 Bumped. We've finished our website.

Also just added a new puzzle. Puzzles and dungeons are accessible by players after beating gym leaders. This latest puzzle that was added is something I enjoyed putting together. People who enjoyed Ruby/Saphire would probably love this.
By jishness
#12245 Server is down. There's nothing wrong with the server, something on Beastnode's end is causing the problem. I've asked them to look into it, just waiting on a response.

I'm thinking its either a DDoS attack or someone has royally screwed up their own MC server on the same machine mine is using. (Anyone who's maintained a server using shared hosting / virtual servers should know what I mean)

In any case, nothing I can do about it. BeastNode has to. Sorry guys.

Update from BeastNode:
There were a few DDoS attacks on the data center in IL today, however, they should be all filtered out by now based on our network logs.

Server is up and running and there should be no problems.