By oneandonlyjim
#122887 Hey everyone, Oneandonlyjim here - just bringing a quick update to what is currently happening and going on at Pikacraft! :)

- we are currently working on a TM shop that has a limited supply per week, so players have the chance to buy there TMs but the stock may be gone fast!
- New ranks have been added to the Server and we are now looking for people to fill the roles of Support and Builders!
- New towns have been built by the community to expand the already growing player base.
- A few new player quests have been added, along with a EV training section and a "Catch the Pokemon of the Day" area - this area will allow a player to catch a pokemon of our choice everyday. It could be anything from Cubone to a Fossil pokemon

Come and check out the server today at:

By jediryank
#130382 This server is fun with it's quests, townys, and the players that come on. This server has a good community of people on it and hope the server can get to the number 1 server at one point cause PikaCraft is in my eyes, the best server I've ever seen.