By Thegamingmikey
Awesome Player Created Towns!
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PikaCraft Ip:
Visit our Website to know what we are doing! :
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PikaCraft server is hosted 24/7 and has anti-grief protection along with other great plugins such as a Gym management plugin which allows you to know When a Gym leader is online and ready to accept challenges by opening and closing their gym. Pikacraft offers a fresh and fun pixelmon survival experience with Gyms, mini games and even random tournaments also Weekly Events. Pikacraft also offers fun quests that you can get certain items and pokemon from. We currently have a Level Zone to help you start off leveling your pokemon and our currently working on a Ev Training zone.

We are Currently Building Gyms and gym puzzles and Recruiting Gym Leaders and Builders!

We Also Offer Weekly Events Which are chosen by a poll on our website. So What are you waiting for Join in on the fun!


Quick Shop
Gym Management
Lwc chest protection
No more Hunger
Auto Save
Daily login Rewards
Grief Prevention
Iv/Ev Side mod
Wonder Trade

Hope You have fun and cant wait to see you online!
The Spawn
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By Stickrai
#120162 This server has actually been edited quite a lot.
Currently i'm a builder on this server and i'm trying to (re-)create quests!
I already made a quest based on lavender town and a quest conserning team magma!
It's a lot of fun, if only we had some more players. Go check it out.
I'll also do things like adding quests for a legitimate way to get porygons.
Trainers you defeat give (when part of a town/quest) items that can be sold for a steady amount of money to the shop. With this money you can buy potions, pokeballs and revives, as some quests are impossible to finish without them (because teleporting during quests is disabled)
Just try it out!
-Tomskylander; stickrai

Oh ye it's in 3.0.4. Title needs an update
By Stickrai
glbro wrote:I highly recommend this server to anyone. The players are nice and always willing to lend a hand

To bad there hardly are any XD
Glbro and Tomskylander (me) are the most active and will help any one if they need it :)
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By RioluOmega
#120602 An amazing server, but needs a bigger player base. Other than that, I like the direction this server is going! :3