By broluigi
#102532 JUST PIXELMON.2.5.7

Good news! We have a new server joining the Lorecase team. The server is called Generation X. This server runs on the pixelmon mod. If you're unfamiliar, Pixelmon is a Minecraft mod where you can catch and battle all kinds of pokemon in minecraft! The goal of this server is to catch all kinds of pokemon and build up a team, and to battle other players! You are in survival mode, meaning you need to collect wood on your first night, and do normal Minecraft tasks as well to get by. This server is premium only, sorry cracked users but there's no other way around it. A tutorial to install pixelmon can be found below.
How to install Pixelmon:
First, download the Pixelmon and Forge versions given in the latest release on the releases section on the forums here.The Forge comes with an auto installer; when you run Forge, make sure you select "client". If Minecraft loads without crashing then you have installed Forge correctly. If you have done this, close Minecraft and re-navigate to the roaming folder. Next, you need to open your roaming folder by searching "%appdata% in the run program/command or on the search section of the start menu. Once in the roaming folder, you need to open the ".minecraft" folder, paste the Pixelmon rar/zip into this directory, and then extract it. Now just boot up Minecraft with the forge profile, and if it loads without crashing then you have successfully installed Pixelmon. Open minecraft and join our server.

A more detailed tutorial can be found here on pixelmon's website!
<- Showing you around spawn