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By crazyanthony
#99822 !!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!

!!!!!!There is a hacker trying to hack the server, be careful, watch out!!!!!!

Ok so I have made my second pixelmon server and am here to share it with you! We currently have 2 gym leader so there are 6 spots open. It is first come first server as long as your app is good and you can choose your type. We have not built that much yet, so we are looking for some generous help. We will later get donations up to help get an increase to the server. I apologize for any lag now and if the ip has changed at any point i will inform you here. This server also has its own custom region: The Valentina Region! Also if you can't get a hold of me on the server add me on skype, my skype name: fast_kid1. I will keep up-dating you guys with the progress with some pictures. Another thing, the server is cracked but we don't know how to mod the cracked version because we all have membership, but if you know how to then feel free to come on if you want. The server is for 1.6.4 just to let you guys know. One more thing, the Co-owner staff spot is already taken. We also have minigames like mario kart, temple run, parkour, parkour grapling hook, paintball, etc. By the way we are going to try our hardest to recreate all mario kart wii tracks as close as we can. Also one more thing you will crash on first join, just try again, it will work then.


Required Mods:
Pixelmon 2.5.7
Custom Npcs 1.6.2

Current Plugins:
World Edit, Vault, uPlanes, uCars, Tree Assist, TNT, TagAPI,
Stop Lava, Smooth Plot, Smooth Flight, Sign Shop, Races And Classes,
Quantum Connectors, ProtocolLib, Parkour, No Boom, MultiWorld,
MobSpawnerEggChanger, MCore, McMMO, MarioKart, MagicSigns,
LogBlock, Lockette, LlamaGrapple, Lava Protection, LagPlugin,
Kits, JProtection, IConomy, HealthBar, Friends, FlingPads,
Factions, Essentials, EchoPet, EasyRules, DreamLand,
DisguiseCraft, CommandSigns, CName, Citizens, Chairs, BluePrint,
BKCommonLib, AutoSaveWorld, Auctions, AreaProtect, AntiX, and more to come.

1. Starter Items
2. Chunk Protection
3. Gyms
4. Custom Music
5. Nice Staff
6. TNT, Lava Prevention
7. Lava Protection
8. Griefing Prevention
9. Daily Pokemon Hunts, winner gets a shiny pokemon of thier choice but no legendarys
10. Daily Pokemon Colliseum Turnaments, winner gets a shinny pokemon of thier choice but no legendarys, a legendary of thier choice, and a lvl 100 of thier choice
11. Other Daily/Weekly Events
12. Mob Farms
13. Custom Towns
14. If you lose your stuff, staff will try thier hardest to get you all your stuff back
15. Trampolines
16. Make quantum redstone circutes
17. Boat racing
18. Boat racing tornements
19. Friends
20. Towns
21. Seasons
22. Auctions
23. McMmo
24. Lock your chests, furnaces, doors, etc
25. Parkour
26. A server hub with portals to each map (adventure, survival, creative, etc), parkours (winner gets something special), drop party's, firework shows, shops (everything is pretty cheap unlike other servers where iron is like 1,000), pokemon center, eevee evelution area, free items, mob/food farms, etc
27. Skylands
28. Plots
29. Anti-Xray
30. A map from a very special youtuber Dataless822 (his stuff will be in the links)
31. Statues
32. Grief-Prevention
33. No gym lvl caps
Much more to come.

1. No Griefing
2. No Stealing
3. Always ask before battling
4. If you get griefed do /helpop and a staff member will try to get back to you as fast as they can
5. No Destroying any part of the map, do your stuff out side of the accuall map
6. No being disrespectful to staff
7. No throwing a fit if you lose a gym/elite four/champion battle
8. Wait your turn in a gym/elite four/champion battle
9. Battle gyms in order
10. No spamming
11. No killing others pets
12. No killing someone and stealling their stuff
13. No hacking
14. No x-ray
15. Don't build your own mob, xp, item farms, it causes the server to lag really bad (we are trying to fix this but until we fix it none of these)
16. Don't cuss
17. Don't use extra mods
18. If a gym leader isn't on don't wine
19. No asking for items or op status
20. Only ask a staff member for items if you died, he/she will know if your lieing or not
21. Follow the rules
22. Make sure to protect what you build, if not you could get griefed, if that happens don't complain, it was your fault, but what you lost we will give you back
23. Make sure to take screenshots of your screen just incase you lose your pokemon for we know what you lost, but if you don't then they are gone
24. No cheating

Pixelmon: You know where to get this
Server Website: We don't have one yet, we're looking for someone to help us build one
Custom Npcs: ... ed-19-dec/

Current Staff:
Owner: Freetootsale
Co-owner: Miss_Endergirl
Mods: We have none yet
Admins: We have none yet

Current Gym Leaders/Co-Gym Leaders:
Tech Town Gym Leader (water, 1st town): Open
Tech Town Co-Gym Leader (water, 1st town): Open
Undergrowth Town Gym Leader (grass, 2nd town: Open
Undergrowth Town Co-Gym Leader (grass, 2nd town: Open
Volcano City Gym Leader (fire, 3rd town): Open
Volcano City Co-Gym Leader (fire, 3rd town): Open
Abandoned Town Gym Leader (ghost, 4th town): Masterpikachu101
Abandoned Town Co-Gym Leader (ghost, 4th town): Open
Boulder Town Gym Leader (rock, 5th town): Kyuzon
Boulder Town Co-Gym Leader (rock, 5th town): Open
Chime City Gym Leader (dragon, 6th town): Open
Chime City Co-Gym Leader (dragon, 6th town): Open
Cave Town Gym Leader (ground, 7th town): Open
Cave Town Co-Gym Leader (ground, 7th town): Open
Tree House City Gym Leader (flying, 8th town): Open
Tree House City Co-Gym Leader (flying, 8th town): Open

Current Elite Four/Champion:
1st Elite Four: Open
2nd Elite Four: Open
3rd Elite Four: Open
4th Elite Four: Open
Champion: Open (first one to beat the Elite Four becomes champion)

Builder App:
Experience in building 1-10:
Why we should pick you:

Gym App:
IGN (In game name):
Gym Type:
Gym Number (1-8):
Pokemon wanted:
How long would you be on a week:
Why you:

Co-Gym App:
IGN (In game name):
Gym Number (1-8):
Pokemon wanted:
How long would you be on a week:
Why you:

Elite Four App:
IGN (In game name):
Elite Four Number 1-4:
Pokemon wanted:
How long would you be on a week:
Why you:

Staff App:
IGN (In game name):
Type Of Staff:
Why you:
How long would you be on a week:

Thanks for having time to read this post for my server. I hope you all enjoy the server the whole way. Crazyanthony
By hotburn101
#99826 IGN (In game name):masterpikachu101
Gym Type:Ghost
Gym Number (1-8):4
Pokemon wanted:Ghastly,Haunter,Driflblim,Drifloom
How long would you be on a week:3-4
Why you: Im responsible,love ghost(and eletric) and I know how to be creepy ... Also Its hard to find a good pixelmon server
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By crazyanthony
hotburn101 wrote:IGN (In game name):masterpikachu101
Gym Type:Ghost
Gym Number (1-8):4
Pokemon wanted:Ghastly,Haunter,Driflblim,Drifloom
How long would you be on a week:3-4
Why you: Im responsible,love ghost(and eletric) and I know how to be creepy ... Also Its hard to find a good pixelmon server

By hotburn101
#99889 for some reason I cant getinto your server I got the ip right and the right pixelmon mod
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By MinerKombat1557
#100375 cant decide, ill try for both xP

Elite Four App
IGN (In game name): MinerKombat1557
Elite Four Number 1-4: 4th
Pokemon wanted: no type? then: Metagross, Typhlosion, Blastoise, Jolteon, Aggron (can i candy them from level one to get there good level up moves?)
How long would you be on a week:2 days, i have a social life
Why you: because i am a competetive pokemon battler who shall use my knowledge to test my opponents skill and strenth, while predicting there moves and using there plays or misplays to my advantage,

Staff App:
IGN (In game name): MinerKombat1557 (if you cant read the one on the other app :P)
Type Of Staff: Admin
Experience: Mod on 3 server, 2 still up, co owner on one, that one died, and was an owner of one, that one died too
Age: 18
Why you: (diferent reasoning) because i am kind and repectful, i will help any players who need it at any time possible, i have knowledge of a few plugins and will suggest a few to add more fun to the experience, or just to have some as a nice addition to the server ;)
How long would you be on a week: 2 days, due to my social life