By Brett105
#99221 [center]Introduction[/center]
Something is stirring. You have heard whispers and legends tell tales of a great new land with vast boundaries to explore. Now it seems that land is growing closer, looming in the distance like a sleeping behemoth waiting for YOU to awaken it and discover the wonders that lay within it's amber eyes. What will you find in this new land? Which new adventures will await you on your new quest for exploration? In McPixelverse, you can explore our expansive custom map, compete with other trainers in battles and minigames and even start your own town. The decision is yours and what is stirring is adventure. Are you bold enough enough to awaken it?
[center]1. No x-ray mods or texturepacks.
2. No griefing
3. Respected all players and staff
4. Please don't ask for items[/center]
[center]Server Ip[/center]

[center]More Info[/center]
[center]We have gyms, pokemon x and y spawn, custom map, and nice staff members![/center]

[center]Server Video[/center]
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[center]Server Pictures[/center]

[center]Hope to see you on the server![/center]