By micrlink
#98546 We have been in development for quite sometime. We have recently found our selves at a stable place with some hidden bugs. We believe it is not time to introduce beta testers.

Server Ip:

The Job of a Beta Tester:
To be a Beta Tester on Wyldcraft or any other game/ server is to go on before public to test for some bugs or glitches.

What Information We Need From Beta Testers:
Their are quite a few of activities on our server, we need to know if some are too hard or too easy, or instead impossible. We need to know how easy the start of training your Pokemon is and anyway we can make it easier. We also need to know if their are any glitches when you finish something or you try something. Finally we would much appreciate your opinion.

How To Sign Up:
Message micrlink on this website with why you deserve a spot on our beta team.

We look forward to having your help and launching the server

~ Sincerely micrlink
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