By Airbornz
#98417 IP: [1.6.4]

Hello There!

ABG Network is a server that includes fun, pixelmon, and survival. This is not a sloppy server, we are on bungee cord (Have separate servers for each gm) and are professionaly built.

In our pixelmon server play with your friends in a classic pixelmon survival, if you really want to show off you can check out the donation store and buy that mewtwo you always wanted, or even pick up some master balls!

In our survival servers we use a variety of things including custom damage, blood, etc. Again if you want to show off hit up our stuff and buy some bling!

Our servers feature: pixelmon, well-known plugins, survival, custom plugins, donation stores, and more!

If you really want to have fun with your friends stop by our servers.


We are looking into getting more staff, to increase your chances you can do the following :

- Donate

- Play

- Invite Friends

Thats it!

Hope to See You There

Main Owner:

IP: [1.6.4]