By sirawesome100515
#98129 This server is an amazing 24/7 Pixelmon survival server where you can break blocks, build houses, fight gym leaders and good place to start off your Pixelmon journey to become...a Pokémon Master.
This server is different from others though. In this server you start of as a Newbie. When you are a Newbie you do not have many commands and cannot build. (Trainers Can Build, Reason for Newbies cant build is to prevent people from joining griefing and then leaving). To get Upgraded to Trainer:
- Get starter to level 25.
- Show Staff member and they will get you promoted.
Server Includes:
- Great Staff
- Amazing Builds
- Open GymLeader spots
- Great Trainers.

I hope you have a great time on this server, Hope to see you there!
Great Regards The Owner: sirawesome100515 :D

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By DutchKroket
#98145 Hey there,

Welcome to pixelmon with you new server, I am here to ask you to change your servers name as listed in the pixelmon server rules.

Have fun playing!