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#97437 Pixel Legends

Hello Pixelmon users. I am cooperreilly, and I am currently Head-Staff of Pixel Legends. Pixel Legends is a new Pixelmon server created on December 27, 2013. It was created for fun, and we are now beginning to open it publicly. We need builders to help building the 8 Kanto cities and an Elite Four place. We have a website, the applications, put a :geek: at the end. The IP of the server is Builders are needed, and gym leaders and moderators must help in their cities. Moderators also need to be on for 1 week(5 days). We need a Gym Designer to build the 8 gyms, so if your good at building gyms, take a pic of an example of a build you did and you might just be our Gym Designer!

Current Gym leaders:
Earth: Taken
Water: Taken
Electric: Taken
Grass: Taken
Poison: Taken
Psychic: Taken
Fire: (Open)
Rock: (Open)

Builder application

Pictures of examples of builds that you have made/helped in:

Moderator application:

Why should we pick you for moderator:
Experiences as staff on servers:
Name the first pokemon Ash received:

Gym Leader Application:

What Gym would you like to be Gym Leader of:
Why should we pick you for Gym leader:
Name the first pokemon Ash received:
Who was Ash's first Rival:

New map with amazing cities and gyms, and a survival map!
Special ranks
New kits
Awesome staff!

Pictures of the server are on the website. They are in the Pictures Thread in the Forums

Map is credited to:Eisenbahn

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By Neonkeii
#97442 Looks like you guys are on a Whitelist at the moment. I'll check it out once it's open publicly.