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By xAntoinettax
#97222 NOTICE:::

This server project has been put on the back burner so that I may handle some issues that have come up as such the server is no longer pixelmon :3 we hope to bring back our pixelmon project soon but until then the post here serves no purpose!

Is this thing on? Testing..Testing..

PM Pixelmon or Rather- Anto-Craft is a new born server looking for mature, dedicated staff and a host of trainers to have a lovely time. We have a well built spawn and various activities and events for players to enjoy including our lovely and explosive drop parties *Quite Literally, Ask Any member, our ball drop new years party had some fire charges dropped on unsuspecting players because of our lovely insane server owneress...oh wait thats me!*

While legendaries don't spawn *they were spawning too much* they are regularly reward items for drop parties, events, as well as items up for donation.

Our server also is currently looking for members of the Elite four as well as hosts for various other facilities.

We also enjoy quite a few parkour events with poke rewards and other yummy rewards.

So come join the Fun it wouldn't be the same with out you!

Server IP:

Server Enjin:

Get in Contact with the owner:
AngelSaphira (Skype)
@P3rid0t (Twitter) (Deviant Art)


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By xAntoinettax
#98332 I recently updated the server so I added the new IP

The server now has 100 player slots and a lot of ram, Im investing in the multiverse plugin so I need gym leaders and builders oh And a kick butt elite four annnnnd no forgetting the battle frontier cause thats important too :)

Lemme know if you can help!

Skype: Angelsaphira