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By Strayed
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Welcome to Pixelmon4ever, a small private server for mature players, Minecraft and pixelmon lovers alike. Currently we are accepting new players, staff, gym leaders, and builders. The basic towns and areas are set, we just need to continue working on them. If you’d like to join the staff, here on the boards or in game contact one of us!

We are a free server that does not require donations to stay open so you can count on us to be around for awhile. We’ve recently updated to Pixelmon 2.5.7, for mine craft 1.6.4

Our server is a Survival role play server, very new and looking for more players. We come complete with room for up to 25-30 players at a time, bukkit support to protect your builds and allow trades and shops.
We host events for legendaries but they also spawn in the world.

We are an American server, and the owner (My self) is from Colorado [central mountain time]. If you want to catch us online, the best time would be from mid-day to late after noon.

Over View…

Towns: Yes
Shops: Yes
Whitelist: No
Legendary Spawn on: Yes
Game Mode: Survival
Bukkit: Yes
Website: Yes

What you’ll need to play
Pixelmon mod

Feel free to post any questions, I’ll be glad to answer them.