By supersean
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Hello! We are currently starting up a up and coming pixelmon server called ThunderJolt, already we have all the necessities for an effective pixelmon server and are currently employing the best staff possible and adding different plugins on top of pixelmon to make the player experience as enjoyable as possible, here at ThunderJolt, pixelmon is a unique Minecraft modification that allows players to simulate the pokemon universe within MInecraft! You can capture, train and fight various pokemon ranging from the common Pidgey to the mighty Rayquaza, the opportunities are endless within Pixelmon and we have it right here at ThunderJolt, we aim to provide the most fun experience with this mod yet by allowing a generous amount of RAM so our server will be able to handle the most adventurous players! Our server also has rules against the PokeFinder modification to allow a fair and fun experience for all players; after all, what fun is it going to a set point when you could see so many things along the way? Our server is a 24/7 Pixelmon server always updated to the latest version to provide easy and stable means of joining our server.


While we have rules against griefing we understand that’s not going to be enough and don’t expect all our players to be well behaved, that’s why we have included the means for players and staff alike to protect areas that are important to them and the server with the Grief Prevention plugin, this allows players to deem certain structures or areas untouchable bar a selected few that are chosen by that player, this allows all our players to protect their wonderful creations! To use the Grief prevention plugin you must select your area with the golden shovel provided at first players only have 256 block selection which is 16x16.

Gyms and Gym Leaders

Due to the fact we are a new server we are happy to accept different players for different gyms upon certain terms, players will have to be a specific level which is displayed within the game itself, they will also, obviously have to beat a previous gym leader, (if there is one of course!) and have pokemon which are experienced within the type that the gym they are leading covers, upon being accepted as Gym leader players will be allowed to craft their own gym, setting its own layout, design and various décor to their content to make the gym their very own personal design.


Every day that a player is on the server there is a small chance that they will get a "crate" each crate houses different set of items and as more players join the types of items you could get from a crate will increase! To open a crate you must by a "key" from the secret shop and put both of the items into the crafting table to recieve your item. As of now the items you recieve aren't that great but as the playerbase grows you will get better rewards

1.) The use of hacks or cheats are NOT ALLOWED
2.) The mod PokeRadar is not allowed on the server. If you join with this mod the server will automatically kick you
3.) Advertising another server is strictly forbidden
4.) Griefing another player work is not allowed. This also applies to land grief as well
5.) Scamming is not allowed. Please take proof of a player who scams
.) PvP is allowed but only with the other players consent
7.) Posing as a member of staff is not allowed
8.) Afk machines or pokemon traps are not allowed.