By acerrj9
#17595 I really love your server. I've made a goal to become a gym leader. :) I was aiming for psychic type gym. But here's the problem, there's only 5 pure psychic types. I wondered, would you allow me to add staryu, a water/psychic type pokemon to my team so I can continue my goal? Thanks, and I'd really appreciate it. Thanks much, Acerr hopefully a future friend.
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By kirpi2011
#17879 Templar and ThePower please come back to the server again its up now... and acerrj9 did u skipped lunatone and solrock? You can use non-pure pokémon
heres the psychic type list:
By illesemery
#18651 I deserved to be banned, I admit that. What I don't get though, is why I didn't get to communicate what all was going on. I break any rules, I told all mods that got on that I did it, I offered to help rebuild, and did EVERYTHING I could do to make amends. If you don't let me back onto the server, so be it. I don't mind. I would recommend that you update the rules so that in the future players know that they can't do certain things, because I didn't know. After my home was outright obliterated, you said griefing was allowed, which, do to the ugly state of everything around the spawn, I assumed meant you welcomed chaos. Either way, you need more order on your serverand more active mods. If you had also been at least a little bit sympathetic, none of this would have happened either. I felt abused and under-appreciated (which is why I took the liberty)
If you un-ban me, I promise I won't grief anything again, but honestly your server can't survive if you allow griefing at all. If nothing else, I hope that, even though I moderately damaged your server, you will be able to improve it because of this incident. Either way, I am glad to know that you do care, even a little, about your server and that at least 15 people on the server had fun playing in the lava and didn't let something silly get in the way of their enjoyment.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if you are new to the server, may this be a heads up for what you can expect.
By wes the hunter
#19193 how come i try to join it say forge mod loader has found id mismatches complete details are in the log file ID 4077 from mod pixelmon is missing
and so on up to 4094 can you help me ?? its not you its me :) i joined your server before but the day after it has not worked
By Lyon
#20860 Hello, my online alias is Lyon, and I made an account here to inform you of something on this thread. This post serves mostly to inform you all of my negative experience on this server.

I joined Kirpi's server about four to five days ago, I believe. Five at most. My first pokemon was charmander and everything was going nicely. I made a base, managed to keep it hidden enough so it wouldn't get grieved (Because YES, he fails to mention that grieving is allowed on his server). But as the days passed and I trained my pokemon, I saw people getting banned and others were pissed enough to go get buckets of lava and grief the Spawn Point of Kirpi's server.

At first, I did not understand where this came from... I mean, the people there were nice, I hadn't talked to any admin yet but the members were all nice. So I just kept on training my pokemon and doing stuff you usually do on these kinds of servers...grow apricorns, etc. Until I saw Kirpi for the first time. I must admit, he was not what I expected. He was the administrator of a server, yet his attitude lacked even the simplest traits of courtesy. To my obvious surprise, he kept on using Caps Lock and telling others not to do it. Kirpi kept on threatening to close the server and ban people for requesting things from him, or even because someone wouldn't show up online

And let something be clear here: The only way to avoid grieving was to get in a faction and use a faction protected area. And the only way to get in a faction was to contact him. BUT, you would be banned if he was in a crappy mood...which he, as a 13 year old he claimed to be, seemed to almost always be in. Not to mention, if you wanted to be a Gym leader, you also needed to ask him...and you could only ask him, because he was the only staff I saw on the server for five days.

Needless to say, I disliked these attitudes, a lot. And I know they do still continue, and most of the members from this server have a terrible opinion of the owner (Kirpi). But HEY, I was willing to put up with all of this. I was willing because I had spent days training my pokemon, and I didn't want to give up on them. Heck, I didn't even complain when Kirpi "trolled" the entire server claiming he was spawning mews, and even when he purposely told us he was drowning mews somewhere in the ocean and we should go look for them. I put up with ALL of these attitudes because I figured "Hey, there will be always people out there who annoy me. Why make a fuss out of this when I can ignore it?"

So I didn't complain. I even brought a friend on to the server to play with me, and when he asked me about Kirpi's attitude, I simply told him to ignore it. We went as far away from spawn and Kirpi as possible, we crossed 13000 meters (according to Rei's minimap) on top of our charizards to get away from the spawn point. And after the ocean, we found new Land. Land that hadn't been heavily grieved. It was a fresh new start for us on that server, and I was enjoying it. Our first idea was to remake all the gyms so that they would look nicer for Kirpi's server, but after Kirpi was incredibly rude to me, I gave up on that idea. It was at that point that me and my friend had an awesome idea. We found a huge mountain where we planned to build this:


Cinnabar Gym! From the series? I'm sure you know it, it has Blaine has the Gym Leader, the guy with the awesome Magmar! We planned to build this inside that mountain, with all the lava and everything! We picked a random mountain, and started building. At first I wasn't sure if we'd be able to do it, but then we found a huge cavern inside the mountain that was just perfect for the gym! We gained moral and started building with diamond tools! I was so excited about this, that I even told Kirpi about it on the server chat!

And then it happened. When Kirpi heard the word "Gym", he didn't care if it was just for fun battles against my friends, he didn't care that it wasn't an official Gym, that it was just a project. kirpi2011, the server's owner, tp'd to me. Then, Kirpi proceeded to place tnt all over my gym and favorite project on that server, and blow it up to bits and pieces. All of this while he yelled, on the chat, "NO GYMS EVAH" with caps lock and all.

That was it for me boys and girls...I made some friends over the past few days on that server, but I just won't take anymore crap from the owner. I believe his attitude to be childish and not worthy of an owner of a server with such nice people. Finally I understood where all the spawn grieving came from...I was not the first to suffer such treatment on the server, and certainly not the first nor last to quit it.

As a final note, I will leave you with a quote of Kirpi's original post on this thread, the rules he made:
Kirpi wrote:Just no abusing players, caps and swearing. Thats all

He managed to break every single one of his own rules.

I will now leave it up to you, whether you wanna join this server or not. My opinion has been stated. I did not mean to offend anyone, I merely stated facts and shared my experience within this server. Have a pleasant day x)


PS: I will probably be banned from the server for this, but screw it, I was never one to stay quiet when I should, and I really liked that gym I was making.
By ThePowerOf11
#21960 Dude kirpi,
xShadow_Ghox Is destroying the server. im pretty sure he banned you as well as all of my accounts. HE IS A FUCKING HACKER!!!! PLZ help or just reset the server. Just plz make sure those bastards get what's coming to them. Oh ya, he also made himself admin.