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By Ren
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I was told that advertising the server on here may bring in some more players. So that's exactly what I am doing today. My name is Lauren and I am a 22 year old who simply enjoys Pokemon and Minecraft. I am very passionate about what I do and I have taken time to really make this server worth playing on. You will see me on that server about 12 hours every day to make sure it is running smoothly and that everyone is taken care of. I do enjoy what I do and I am open to server suggestions and recommendations. Feel free to leave any ideas on our website.

I stumbled upon this fantastic mod when joining another Pixelmon server and decided to open one for myself and friends. Right now we hold a small community server, roughly about 30 players on everyday in the evenings "Eastern Time". The server is hosted and not run off of a personal computer, so very little lag and downtime is expected. Keep in mind we can not help people with bad Internet connections or computers ;). Our server includes the latest Pixelmon mod version, running 1.6.4. We have included many extras such as a PVP arena (please note that the server itself is not PVP friendly unless you are in the PVP Arena, Drop Party lobby, Parkour maps, Tm and hand held item shop, Global market, 9 Gyms to battle and more. Although we have no staff or gym slots currently open, we are always experiencing changes and some may become available at any time. Our website is fully functional and we also can be found on facebook. I look forward to seeing you, even if you drop in just to take a look around and never to return :P

By wewer12345678911
#94356 Hello! This is great information, but there is a topic off the forum where you can post your server and add it to the site! Thanks, though!