By johs2000
#94114 Hey everybody, looking to join an awesome survival Pixelmon server? Look no further! Our server PokeGods is survival, GreifPrevention and we also are currently working on awesome features for you guys! We bumped up the spawnrate of Legendaries So now you will find them more commonly but still being a challenge to get them! We also are building Gyms and Cities! We will have 8 Elemental Cities each giving you a badge once you have all 8 badges you can then go onto the Elite 4 if you beat the Elite 4 you will face the Champion! The champion has all level 80 pokemon and will be quite a challenge for you to defeat The road to the Champion will not be an easy one but you will be rewarded greatly for victory if you win. You will receive and awesome title Sort of like this [ChampionTrainer] and you'll be able to show off to all your friends! Lastly our server is all survival we will not spawn in any items for you and we will not give out free ranks What we will do is if you lose a pokemon due to the faulty pc we will give you that back. or if somehow you lose a pokemon you will get it back. Hopefully you all join the server! I hope to see you all there!