By xAzza_10
#93752 [center]☆ ShinxCraft ☆[/center]
To Join go to the pixelmonhub then shinxcraft using the compass or by doing /warp shinxcraft.
PixelmonHub ip:

Join one of the to be GREATEST newly made server ShinxCraft.

ShinxCraft is currently undergoing alot of work with building, crafting, creating and designing.

We use some mods to make the server a much better experience, and for you to join you'll need to have them in your mods folder.
We recommend you downloading our mods pack which includes all the mods you'll need to join. This includes, Pixelmon 2.5.7, Mr_Crayfish Furniture Mod and Custom NPCs by Noppes.
Download : ...

[center]Abit about ShinxCraft[/center]
ShinxCraft is Pixelmon-modded, Bukkit Survival/Adventure server based in the Shinx Region. There are many aspects of the server that will give the players always something to do! Players can buy items from the Pokemart, or even the Drac City Department Store when you beat the Elite 4! You can sell the drops from pokemon at our Pawn Shop and some other items are bought by the Pawn Shop as well. You can open a store and sell all your other items that you can't seem to get rid of! Purchase housing at the various towns or buy a plot and build your own house or town! Although you may build in the Resource World, it resets every two weeks, so it wouldn't be a viable option! There will be many events and competitions to take part in as well! We are working countless hours and sleepless nights to work really hard to make such great towns, gyms, routes, shops, and the best environment for our players to be in to have the best experience possible.

Like i said ShinxCraft is NEW, meaning that there is alot of free places for Gym leaders, Moderators, builders, admins and so on.

[center]Did you ever want to be a gym leader? [/center]
Well now here's your chance! ShinxCraft has 17 gyms and 1 of each type. Many people have put lots of hours to build such good looking gyms for you guys to be leaders of! There are many free spots for all of the types of gyms for players to go fill out an application and make it to be a gym leader. So get on today and be a gym leader of such a great server.

ShinxCraft is still accepting applications for moderators that really want to look after a server and earn great respect. Also we are accepting builders to help build great towns and places for players to have the best experience and to make the server the greatest it can be.

Not only do we have these but 3 amazing groups run by players from the previous games. Team Rocket, Team Magma and Team Aqua, and maybe when you join you can become apart of these groups and help make it become the greatest group.

One last thing! Not only do you beat all 17 regular gyms and then the elite-four but also, THE ELITE LEAGUE GYMS!!!
The elite league gyms are harder gyms but instead of having 1 type based they have multiple types in an elite league gym which you will face off against.

Please Join! Join within the holidays and say referred by xAzza but not only will you start with a pokedex but also alot of other items to help you get a head start. This includes tms, pokeballs, ores, and other items.

So Join TODAY!

Be sure to check out things on our site :