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By Z_BAD_1
#92979 Legion of Gamers!

Legion of Gamer is a new server with a desire to play with responsible, mature players. We have new world waiting for people to claim areas to build cities and much more.

Server Ip:
Slots: 40

Why should I join?

- Pixelmon
- Server is running 24/7 with NO LAG!!!
- Block Based Economy
- Special events
- Friendly Mature Staff
- Donation Ranks
- Server Shop
- Website
- Teamspeak3
- Pokemon Gyms

Server Pictures | Show
Server Banner
Server Spawn
Spawn Hall
Server Vaults
Snowman and a Tree. :P
The Boulder Gym
The Cascade Gym

Gyms | Show

The Boulder Gym
Level 10-15
Leader: None yet Staff will fill in.

The Cascade Gym
Level 20-25
Leader: Slink

The Thunder Gym
Level 30-35
Leader: Nevyn

The Rainbow Badge
Level 40-45
Leader: buzimonkey

The Soul Badge
Level 50-55
Leader: None yet Staff will fill in.

The Marsh Badge
Level 60-65
Leader: None yet Staff will fill in.

The Volcano Badge
Level 70-75
Leader: None yet Staff will fill in.

The Earth Badge
Level 80-85
Leader: None yet Staff will fill in.

Extra Gym!
The Rising Badge
Level 100-100
Leader: Z_BAD_1

Rules | Show
Legion of Gamers Server Rules

(1.) If you are asked to cease a given behaviour by
a Staff member, Do So! Do not rage or lie as
you can incure penalties, 3 warnings equal 1 strike,
3 strikes and you are out.

(2.) Do not Grief others creations.

(3.) Try to keep bad language to a minimum. You do
not need to be a potty mouth to get your point

(4.) Must be 18 or older to use Teamspeak. Unless
you get permission to use an under 18 room. Ask
for details.

(5.) Do not run cheat, Hacks or mods, Only allowed Mods are Pixelmon, ReiMinimap and Optifine. No Cheat Plus is running.

(7.) Most of all be respectful!

(8.) No Exploiting plugins or mod!

(9.) English Only.

(10.) Have fun!

Last Update: 12/8/2013