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By PlushieCraft
#133865 Alright Guys, The servers Almost ready for opening day! We just need a few more final touches, Come on and help us out. How do you do that? Just simply reply to this post , answering these simple questions.

1. How long have you been playing Minecraft?
2. How Old are you? (Age doesn't really matter to us)
3.Have you been a builder or Helper or staff on any other server?
4. How Familiar are you with Custom NPCS? (The more you know , the better)
5. Are you able to be on atleast 3 times a week?
6. How Familiar are you with the Pokemon Games?
Answer these question and include your Minecraft IGN and we will look over your application and see what happens, Thank you to all that apply.

- H.Admin on Project Pokemon Server