By karrybird
#43779 finishing up the snivy line now :)

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By Jack_Attack12
#43782 Great model Karry! Do you know what it needs? Maya. xD I would love to see your skills on maya, even if your just doing something simple! : D But this is amazing, allthough the yellow thing around its neck is a bit messy.
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By KuryoZT
#43784 Wow, I must shamefully say though, I had no idea what that was -_-
But then, I looked up some online pokedex, and it looks real good, except a few parts.
I'm saying this only because I want your models perfect karry, you've been here long enough. :)
First, the nose looks out of place, I know it's supposed to be long and all, but maybe a little shorter would make it look better? I have no idea how to help that case, but it just seems so weird XD
Second, they're minor texture details, but I don't know if you can help them.
The back of the ornament petal is supposed to be green, but since it's a "flat"(1 I bet) block, maybe it can't really be helped.
The flowers on the tail look too closed to each other, maybe put the upper one, even higher, a little might be enough for it to look perfect.
The mouth doesn't really appear, since it's underneath the huge nose XD
The green line could go down even more in front of the eyes
The collar thing is supposed is go back down a little behind the neck the neck, at least from the front POV.
That's all I see right now, maybe most of them are useless cases, or my own imagination. Anyway, another starter is always good, and another of your models is always a masterpiece, kinda.
Great Work!! As always.

BTW: double post jack FTW, I bet it's his internet though.
And also karry, you didn't do the last part of the evoline, so why "finishing"? just curious.
By karrybird
#43791 first off, jack, no. i won't be using maya, you know how expensive that program is???
i'll stick to the free techne for now

and as for kuryo, yes, i made snivy a long time ago, just got serperior to go now

the vine on it's head, i did add a backing to it, you just can't see it because of the transparency glitch in techne.

i did shorten the snout a bit, because i was already going to fix it up a bit.

and i'll fix the neck vine in a little bit as well.
By karrybird
Jack_Attack12 wrote:Karry, why not get the free version then, its the student version, got all the same stuff as the full version... But its free : D

that feels illegal...
but i don't really want to learn a new program right now, i'll to what i know FOR NOW.
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By Jack_Attack12
#43811 Ok, i get you! But its in no way illegal, you download it off there own website! ; D
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By Rados
#43852 I'd leave it Jack, Karry has the right to work with techne, learning how to use maya or other modelling programs is hard, techne is much easier to learn, it doesn't have a lot of tools or anything complicated, In my opinion maya and other programs are much easier to use in the long run but I can see why some people got attached to techne
By Lettucecow
#43877 wow, another great model, you've outdone yourself again karry :D
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By Tom_X
#44307 Awesome model! but what if Karry is bad with Maya... that would make me sad :(