By karrybird
#32261 since a lot of people have been asking :)

up next will be caracosta :D

By Yaseen
#32297 Looks awesome
By Xwaffle
#32324 Looks good! I think you should make Tyrogue next since we have Hitmonee and Hitmonchan!
By Articuno437
#32346 You never dissapoint me when you make a model. THIS, this, is totally awesome.
By Jumpyporcupine
#32433 Nothing wrong here!
By ChaoticIntake
#32476 I haven't watched any of the new Pokemon anime, or played any game where I could look at a Tirtouga, but is his body supposed to be that slim? Seems uncharacteristically slim, but then it IS Pokemon...
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By Tom_X
#32478 As always, amazing job, Karry. But next shall be Spinarak!
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By DutchKroket
#32530 Definetly will be using this when it gets ingame =D!