By Scrotty
#184226 I suggest optimizing the model, the recommended face count afaik is 500-1500 faces but the max is typically meant for large creatures whereas Maractus is a fairly small creature.

-The leaves throughout the model have a fairly high amount of faces, I'd recommend replacing them with flat planes.
-The design of the eyes look kinda weird and have a lot of faces too but I don't think they're necessary since they can just be a part of the texture.
-The three edges on the arms feel a bit out of place, I think they should be moved up to the middle of the arm then squeezed a little closer to each other, where the elbow probably would be.
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By elxanderOMG
#196064 Looks perfect to me, could you texture it? if not, send it to me via private message and some of the modelers will texture it