By 8ightjr
#165062 hi here is the tympole line, i would appreciate any feedback




Shiny tympole:

Shiny palpitoad:

"shiny seismitoad coming soon"
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By ceejayvee61
#184874 So... I'm just going to talk about Tympole right now. That face is way off, the eyes are too small and the mouth looks more sad then Tympole's weird smile. The part of his tail closest to his body should have a small black dot where the line starts. The black around his "ears" should not get skinnier in some parts, it should be all one thickness and should be a bit more thicker than it is. I would also like to know... what is up with the disco ball effect on him?

My Reference:
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By ceejayvee61
#184875 Also just noticed a few more things... Tympoles peach colored area of his face is circular and you have it more ovular. Eyes should extend down more for sure, mouth moved up and corrected, the tips of the eyebrows slightly enlarged, would really improve the face. Sorry for all the criticism but that is why it's in feedback right?