By Jogproof
#142478 After the Regice whoopsy i looked in the gen 5 forum and saw that the cutest little mushroom wasn't in it so I had a crack at it. Any feedback is good.


Foongus Normal by jogproof on Sketchfab

Foongus's Shiny form


Amoongus red by jogproof on Sketchfab

Amoonguss's Shiny form

Edit, I've found the tool to reduce the pollycount so I'll make the changes and then reduce the pollys sorry for the late reply I'm at a course this week so this is an afternoon project. thanks for all of the help I'm so used to hd modeling where everything is smooth, the transition is actually quite strange.
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By bosvan2014
#142481 Very nice. But it would be amazing if a modeler of your caliber were to help finish the gens in order. Because, ya know, everyone's trying to get gen 2 done so they can move on to gen three. But really it doesn't matter, because that's one less Pokemon to do in gen 5. BUT STILL, I'm just saying because, to be honest, the best gens for me were the first four. :D

Now about the models...

My complaints for Foongus are the arms and head. The arms are too sharp/pointy, and are a bit too long. It would be better if it were rounded out.

The head is too flattened out, like Amoongus. Make it thicker, and not expand outward as much.

Foongus Model rating: 8/10 "Great!"

The "hands" should be a little thicker. To help make sense of why, just imagine squeezing veins into that thin "hand."

Again, the head is waaaay to spread out. Try making it smaller inward and then raising the top(if you are confused, check Xaumbas model at the very end of this post and look at the head).

The body is a little too... I wanna say thick and stretched out? Try reducing the height a little and taking some of the fat off. :D

Overrall, the work is good for a first model of it (trust me. Ive seen waaay worst). But just rule out those kinks and I think it should be good! :D

Amoongus model rating: 6/10 "Could use improvement."
P.S: Here is another model done by Xuamba; ... ce17133db3
By Jogproof
#142490 Thanks yea sorry for jumping to Gen 5 i was just playing AS while trying to think of an easier mon to get myself back into blender and saw my Foongus =D. thanks for the feedback and by head i assume you are talking about the mushroom cap so i went ahead and re-worked my Foongus. though now i see it in more neutral light i think i made his arms even spikier woops.

Edit: after looking through the Pixelmon wiki and the first few g2 approved pages i am unable to locate Hoppip (and line) and Sentret/Furret. would i be able to start on them or am i missing something?
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By bosvan2014
#142541 It looks much better, that foongus(I give it a 9/10)! Yes, I agree the arms are spikey, but the length looks fine! Beware that once you smooth the arms. they will shrink, so memorize the lengths!

To clarify, yes, I was refering to the mushroom cap.

As to your question about Gen 2 Pokemon, I would ask a developer if it is made or not. Wouldn't want to waste precious time!!!!

A little suggestion, it may be best to just edit the main post instead of post a new one containing your model. It would also be best IF you presented a picture(as I did) of each pokemon so the people can compare what is on target and what is off. Good luck on finishing these!

P.S: what's up with the lighting effect on the redone foongus??
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By ChaoticMeteor
#142554 Hello I have been looking at your model and it seems that the "pokeball" on both models head is not the right size it is tooo flat, also it is to big diameter wise and the area in between the"pokeball" and the eye line is not as thin as it should be.... The Butt of them is too big so basically the size is very in accurate although there is too many polys in the model. All of this apply's for both models
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By SnowBlitzz
#142592 Their tops are not supposed to be that flat as you can see even with the pictures you provided. Also, high poly count. Reduce it