By RikaCreature
#141774 First time making a model this complex, any technical advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated since I am still very much a blender noob. I hope it's not too high poly, I mean it clocks in at around 1,000 so yea.

I'll add textures after perfecting the model itself.
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By joshua_DA
#141938 looks nice for a first model :) but here are the problems with it:
-polys are kinda messy, try to clean it up
-some areas(neck, ears, head curls) have a lil too much polys. try to reduce the amount of polys needed while still obtaining the same detail. same goes for the entire body in a less harsh way.
-the (should i call it a swirl?) on the tail looks awkward Image try to fix it up a bit.

all in all, good for a first model but plenty of improvements can be made :)
By RikaCreature
#141942 Thanks so much for the feedback!!

Okay, I reduced the poly count some and tried to clean up the topography a bit, I tried messing with the tail but idk what to even do with it to make it less awkward looking lmao.
By RikaCreature
#142156 Removed some more polys, reshaped the face, gave her a lil more chub. I might go ahead and start on the textures, but idk. I don't wanna have to uv this thing multiple times lmao
By RikaCreature
#142676 Went ahead and added textures o^o

they look a bit dark in sketchfab for some reason. meh.
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By bosvan2014
#142866 Image
Not too bad. Bout an 8/10.

(SHAPE) You tried too hard to make the Audinos face resemble that of a feline(cat). Audinos nose/snout(?) is waaaaay to far out then it should. So you might want to decrease how far it pops outta the head a bit. Also, the tail is about 1/3 the size of her head. Try increasing the size (of the tail) by 1/3 of its original size.

(TEXTURE) The texture is beautiful, its just the eyes that throw it off. The eyes simply do not match the style of all the other Pokemon in game. Too detailed, you could say. Also, fix up the lip line(the black line) to make it that of the picture. It looks too cat like and unnatural on Audino. 8.8/10

- Put a picture of the Pokemon you are doing in a spoiler. That way, the people can compare and spot out differences easier between the picture and your model.
- Take a deeper look into how Pokemon eyes are styled.

Good luck! I will be following the models you make, as it is rather incredible you did so well on your first try.
~Poke Rater(heheh)
By RikaCreature
#174152 Uh...... I hope it's okay if I reply to this... a year later lmao. Making a new topic seemed kinda silly since this one was still on the same page lol. I kinda dropped this to start work another project, but hey it's summer break so I got free time, plus I've started playing pixelmon again.

Re-worked some parts on the model based on feedback and making it easier to animate, completely reworked the uv and textures.