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By Kmerr
zero_breaker wrote:
karrybird wrote:
Josecami wrote:Thanks Karry Ill fix the body, and about Pokedex 3D Pro, I dont own a 3DS :(

you need to fix that, how will you be able to play x or y that way? D:

I don't have 3DS as well...

anyways, Heatran's forehead thing is not slanted enough, and it's too large as well.
Also, the toes looks a little bit too flat on the side too.

Pretty sure there's something called an Apple mobile product, and I'm sure it has what you need.

By the way Josecami, I love you so much for this <3

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By StopherSylvia
#76668 Aw... I was going to do Heatran after swampert and I'm buying a 3Ds just for Pokemon Y, well that and my ds lite is unusable with a busted screen