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By StopherSylvia
#69751 I was thinking of how the could incorporate the requirement of the other three Regis prior to getting the King.

They could make Regirock hold the registone, Regice hold the regiscrystal, and Registeel hold the regiplate (cause I don't think the can code Regigigas to know if they have the others in their party). Then you put them in a crafting bench to break them into 2 regidusts (registone), 2 regishards (regicrystal), and 2 regingots (regiplate). then place them in the pattern of the stones on Regigigas's face, the dusts=red shards=blue ingot=grey:
dust dust
shard shard = Regitrio or Regigem
ingot ingot

Then you take it to a forest temple and right click a statue version of Regigigas and now you can fight and catch him.

I know a lot of coding, but I think it would be cool :)

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By zero_breaker
StopherSylvia wrote:
zero_breaker wrote:Firstly, the arms are too thin. Make them Thicker, but not longer.
The bushes should be spikier, and the hips should be shorter.
otherwise the model looks pretty decent

How's this:

Much, much better. now if the legs are shorter, I'd say it's ready for approval.
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By Kyiv
#70479 Looks so Magnificent.
Another great model.
By GoldSkuller
StopherSylvia wrote:I just looked it up, is anybody else suprised that Regigigas is bigger than Groudon. I always saw Groudon as the rivaling Godzilla in height.

Well, he did pull the continents. Continents that the great and so-very-powerful Groudon created. I wouldn't really be so surprised.