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By Edeodin
#74500 By some divine knowledge I figured we would be needing more starters soon, and since Mudkip and Torchic have already received some love it felt right to give Treecko some attention as well!

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By Lettucecow
#74506 ....That is amazing! Thanks for making my favorite pokemon line edeo!
By tkgamer18
#74535 Edeodin makes the most beautiful models of all time! This Treecko is perfect!
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By zero_breaker
#74563 *cries* you beat me to this again...
Anyways, great model as always, but can I get a front view?
By fosterd
#74566 ive been waiting for this for ages awesome work
By fosterd
#74571 this is more like the treeko colour cant wait for sceptile if your doing him
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By Pro_Malti
#74575 Awesome, Great work! I do believe the texture needs a little change, but not like the one fosterd posted.
By fosterd
#74576 then what like treekos my favorite pokemon what colour would you recommend