By nyyEA
#74358 I felt that Flygon really deserved a remake, so I went ahead and tried it :).

This is my first time modeling and I'm happy with the way it turned out except that it may be too round. Also, some things on the legs need to be fixed because they are a little fat and I'm not sure how to best position the wings for animation. Your feedback will be appreciated, thanks!

- Added depth to the wings
- Added curvature to the tail-fan
- Thinned the legs
- Added flying and resting poses

Still need to do the textures but I'm still learning how to use Blender soo... That will come later

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By Lettucecow
#74360 That was your fist time modeling? Dude thats awesome!
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#74362 2 things, we need it in a flying position, and a resting position, currently, you have a combination of both (make the resting position first, texture it, then when others say tis good, make the flying position)
By ZackFair
#74378 This is great for a first model, much better than what I could do :D when you come to texturing if its possible you should have the red part of the eyes see through and have the actual eye textured to the head if you know what I mean?
By nyyEA
#74388 So, for the resting position, I would need to re-position it as if it were standing on the ground? And for the flying model, maybe a more streamline position? I will definitely try texturing the eyes that way because it would look so much better.
By tkgamer18
#74401 That's an awesome start! But i would like the fan like tail on the sides more tilted down.
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By Il_Lupo
#74403 Whoa. I was expecting something completely different when I looked at this, but wow, hehe. I'd suggest extending the wings just a little from its current vertices, just to give it some body.