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By StopherSylvia
#68576 It might just be the lighting, but the Texture looks to Light.
This Regice looks like it is a darker Blue. Image

Yours looks more like the ShinyImage
Otherwise I see nothing wrong

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By StopherSylvia
#69445 Yay! That makes all three Regis now I just got to Texture my Regigigas. Just one thing (not me making fun of your model or bragging about mine or anything) The eyes on my Regirock and Registeel are actually really small spheres with texture that makes them look like they shine. I think it looks better and you should try it on yours so if mine and your get put in the game they would look the same. No way to tell if our Regis get put in so it doesn't really matter
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By Kyiv
#70445 Looks Epic Jose! This is like your Best Model among all of them!!
Keep it up Jose.
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By Nova Spartan
#72786 It looks great, though I think he should have the lines at his edges like he does in Pokemon. I know that's been said already, but that's the only thing I see wrong with it other than the fact that he shouldn't be transparent.. Pokemon Battle Revolution is a good reference to see how the edges should look.

Anyway, great job!
By Nokuse
#88920 another great reference if you dont already use it is the 3d pokedex pro on the 3ds, I would try to offer some feedback but it seems all that can be said has been said. Good foundations for a great model though :3