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By Il_Lupo
#42710 That colour is perfect. The eye might do with being a little bigger, though. And sorry, I have no clue when it comes to Techne >_>
By SubGenesis
#42782 Why would techne do that to you?
Try saving under a different name maybe?

Edit i forgot the model is good to go now in my opinion
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By minecraftOclock
#42905 o....k...? i loaded the latest backup (the one thing techne makes me very happy about is its reliable backup system) and reloaded the texture, saves and opens just fine.
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By jsnbrown1989
#43279 I think I'm pretty happy with how this turned out so far.. How does it's "feet" look? I noticed in the pre-awesome updates one, the feet really stood out. could we get a screeny of those?