By Sup3rp1gm4n
Lettucecow wrote:You know that looks pretty good hmm? Great job!

You think it does? I get loads of comments that its too blocky xD
By Destroyal
#38298 I think you can use fewer blocks to do it and can also leave it smoother, I do not think you need so many blocks, anyway.
By Sup3rp1gm4n
#38307 Yea same, but every time i try to make it smooth, i mess up xD, sum1 should make a tutorial on this :l
By NickkyDC
#38352 you have good shape. but we it dosent take in the real feel of a pokemon because it is simply to blocky. even with the 130 blocks its fine, but overlay it with some blocks to had smoothness to the model
By Vikerus
#38532 For a second I thought it was made of legos...
By Sup3rp1gm4n
Vikerus wrote:For a second I thought it was made of legos...

Lol, i'm just waiting for karry and omerta to reply on my pm :)
By pokepound
#39621 Make the whole body more smooth like the lips and it will look amazing.
You're already heading in the right direction!
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By Tom_X
#40586 You can use rotated blocks to give the appearence of roundness (check Genfar if you have any doubts about this), this model just won't looks nice with all the blocks you putted in it like that. Omerta is the best reference here, if you need more help.