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By Pikaxchu
#31516 This is my first Pokémon model, Spoink. I hope I can get good feedback.


By Jumpyporcupine
#31590 I think it should be about 3 times as large and more rounded. Good work I see!
By Boogaluke
#31624 good job! although im not a big fan of the spoink/grumpig line, you did good here. an HD texture would most def make it better!
By Ewcongogamer
#31661 HD it uP!!! I'm afraid though you might want to re-size some parts once you play with using the HD texture since you made some parts large to make the colors look right. But defiantly a good start :)
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By Tom_X
#32480 Well, apart from making it bigger, HD-isher and rounder, I'd like to add that its tail just doesn't seem right as a mere texture. Try to make it out of blocks instead, and see what you can get. Apart from that, it's a great start!
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By Hypnose
#33189 This is looking pretty good so far. Still a bit of work to be done though. Everyone's starting to want a lot more out of models. More curves through rotated blocks. Try looking up some tutorials on how to do this, or ask an experienced modeler if they have the time to help you out.
Spoink is a bery round Pokemon, so there will people expecting its model to be rounded not square. But, like I said, it's looking good. I like where you're going with this. :)