By HappyTrainer
#20187 Well, decided to give modeling a go. Little brother asked if I could make a zigzagoon.
Ran into a little issue with zigzagoon: the 'spikes' on this guy are horrible...
Main issue is the tail right now, should I just try to fit flat cubes like this or is there a better option?
Any other advise or comments welcome as well...

*EDIT* So I just went along with the tail, and after throwing him into a nuclear reactor; he actually got some textures (as a little test, that is.) The tail doesn't look so bad...
Gonna use those spikes on his body, it didn't go well for the tail... Thanks for the advice!
Almost forgot: if the spikes don't hide the legs, they can be m oved a little upwards, or where you saying that I should give them a different angle? (I took this angle because of ZZ's ruby/emerald sprite)
By ChaoticIntake
#20254 Those legs actually look kinda neat, with the little claw-toes.

Some things I would work on:

-The legs themselves. If you continue the model with the legs like this, the end result will leave Zigzagoon in an awkward position. Realistically speaking, with all four legs bent like that, the exact same way, your Zigzagoon shouldn't be standing. What I would suggest is repositioning the legs so that he has a more solid stance, like how a dog stands.

-The tail: In the artwork and the anime, the tail looks (to me) like one big mass, not several strips. I would suggest changing the tail so that it's a sort of cone shape, with the base of the cone pointing outward.

Other than those two things, I don't see anything else wrong with it for now. Work on it a little more, and you'll get some more feedback! :D
By lugiaisbeast101
#20265 Try using this method for the tail and body, slant two long blocks, let a gap in between, then use filler blocks to close the gap Like this model. Then layer the spikes.
Made by Xiraxis

Or, you can get a regular lengthened block and make one of it's dimensions 0, then texture in the spikes, and keep layering the blocks. OR, do the "Kary" way and leave the blocks dimensions at one but only texture one side (Top, bottom, side, etc.)

For the tail, you're going to have to rotate the blocks and put them together, or just do the tail similar to Zapdos's. It's hard for me to explain theses types of things so if you need one I can do a visual.
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By Sundial_MC
#21347 The overall shape there is fine!
For the texture... I think you messed up there big-time.
As kungfu already said, use HD texutres.