By rizardon9998
#15154 I've made all the stages of the Rawst berry tree. I tried to avoid the appearance of the Techne transparency bug by showing it from the best angle possible.
Compare with these: ImageImageImage

I've also set up a new poll, as the dirt and recolored dirt have tied for first.
And thanks for all the positive feedback!

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By ST392
#15180 wow, very nice! I don't think I could have thought of a better way to model this.
By karrybird
#15181 wow, that looks amazing!
but, by the looks of it, those are flat blocks right? if they are, please change them to be at least 1 wide. this prevents the awful flickers in game.
i want these to look as best as possible in game!
By Yaseen
#15238 You sir are a genius
By rizardon9998
#15261 Thanks! :D

Once we have a decided winner for the vote of which seed mound texture to use, I'll submit these for approval.
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By xWildxManx
#15263 Super Epic!!!
By rizardon9998
#17989 Looks like the recolored dirt texture is the winner. I'll submit these for approval :D
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By Shadowfox9356493
#21404 I admire your work, i thought the oran berry tree was the best, can't wait untill i can grow them xD
Please continue on more, specifically ones that players would use the most for their pokemon, like lum berries. for curing status problems, or sitrus berries for health..

keep up the awesome work :D