By karrybird
#10860 ah, it's good to see berry trees that actually look good on this forum!
personally can't wait to see these in game, keep up the great work. :)

By LightAdept
#10861 Wow....I didnt think we would have a modeller pull of berries for a while, but you've done it brilliantly. I cant wait for these to be added and for berries to be implimented into the game!
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By Jack_Attack12
#10881 i would put this up for approval btw :) You have had little to none bad feedback, and good luck on rawst berry tree, that will be hard XD but seeing this one i know it will look great!
By Windjoe
#10886 I agree with jack, you got a lot of good feed back on these, you should put it up for a
approval :)
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By Zariu
#10904 I think you found your niche rizardon, you do those so well ^^
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By ryik
#10957 critique:
Really, I'm nitpicking with these, because these models are great

Extend leppa berry tree petals into center so that the wood is covered
Oran berry tree looks spiny

These are just awesome.
By Yaseen
#10960 Wow that is awesome, I remember the last attempts at berries, they were not very good but yours makes them seem a lot worse xD