By Boogaluke
#10295 I would say adding a few more blocks to the head and body to round it up a bit more, and possibly using slanted blocks to the pointy part of the head.

Aside from that, WOW that texture is purrdyyy
By Mundus
#10296 Thank you for the feedback. Is pixelmon trying to blend sugimori's style with minecraft, or are they going straight sugi style? That's the reason it's blocky, just because I wanted to keep the monster matching the rest of the game. If not, I can make some changes. I also noticed that on the wings the transparent part blocks part of the model even though it's clear. Is there any way around that?
By Omerta
#10301 Don't worry too much about the transparency thing. It's a problem with Techne, but the model will appear correct in Minecraft. I know it's annoying and I wish we had some way around it, but we don't.

As for the style, don't worry about it too much either. I suggest doing whatever comes naturally, because usually you get enough helpful feedback on these forums to get the model where it needs to be without completely overhauling it. Obviously we try to stick as close to the original artwork as we can, but because we are building out of nothing but cubes you have the liberty of some degree of artistic freedom. Basically, it's your interpretation of the original artwork. The models in this mod range greatly in their level of complexity, but the models that get approved are (ideally) the polished ones that have clearly had a lot of effort put into them.

So just be thoughtful in whatever approach you take, model in whatever style makes you happy, and make sure you put effort into each model.
By Mundus
#10349 Thanks you for the advice. I usually try to stick to something clean and simple, but still discernible. Do animators have an okay time with very complex models?
By Omerta
#10364 Theoretically (from what I understand), it shouldn't pose much of a problem with the new animation system, although I know it takes much longer to code in all the parts. That being said, my Graveler and Gengar are probably the most complex models in game at this point, and last time I checked they hadn't been animated. This might be just because the skeleton animation system is still very new at this time, but I don't have an exact answer. Hopefully someone else can better answer that question because it's something I wonder about too.
By Mundus
#11944 Update!
Improved Horn
Rounded the Head and Body
Rounded the Eyes and bottom of Face

Enjoy :D