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By Edeodin
Vespirs wrote:
zmann16 wrote:i like it but it could use some edjustments.

Adjustments* And, if you just tell someone to fix it, without telling them what to fix, how does that benefit them? ;)

As for the model, I think it looks better now with what seems like a lighter brown texture. I'm liking the longer neck, and the edited torso, but the legs. The legs are still killing me. If you look as Jose's picture, you can see that they really aren't that skinny.

Well I haven't actually changed the texture... so that's interesting. And yes I've looked at that picture plenty already, considering it's the official artwork. It was really all I had for reference when modelling. I don't really see them being any thicker, otherwise I would've changed it already (or modeled it thick to begin with). The back leg could afford to be a bit thicker in the upper part, but that's all I really notice.

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By Css1234567890123
#66059 I like this, but I feel that I'd like it better if the beak was seperate from the rest of the head, it'd look better to me I think. Otherwise, good job.