By kungfumidget
#59436 Ok so I am back to the modelling scene and I thought it be nice to start with something easy, this isnt easy ;D ... I tried maya and blender (I know theyre better I just prefer this) so here it is the first update :D enjoy. I know its not much too look at but im updating this in stages too show the progression.

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By Sundial_MC
#59449 If you somehow manage to make the sphere and get the limbs/ears to fit in with it, this will be the best marill ever

Tip: Because you can see in some parts the cuboids don't fit in and you need a triangular shape - just texture it and make it triangular
Will be tons smoother
By Vespirs
#59756 I can't really give all too good of feedback on this, seeing as thought there isn't much to judge. I think the model will be easier to critique once it has a texture :)