By Josecami
#54299 I know there is some things that I need to fix like the 2nd line of the body (Can somebody help me with that please, I cant do it) And also I tried to make the side rounder but it looked worse. Anyways here is my elekid :)


Im gonna make a shiny texture soon.
By Lettucecow
#54300 It looks pretty good Nice work!
By Lettucecow
#54302 Wooper? Yes! I love quagsire! Will you do him too?
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By emerald_ice
#54495 I think the 'Plug' part should be shortened, and Elekids height increased a bit. But everything else looks great!
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By Css1234567890123
#54656 Nice job, you should do all the pre evo's, especially Munchlax and Pichu, I would love to see those done.