Should I continue with Chikorita evolutions?

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By Il_Lupo
#48974 The leaf's stalk is a bit too long, and the leaf is too skinny. The green is a bit too contrasted too... I like the body, though.

By Blaze150
#49051 even though I really don't like chikorita I do really love this model but I do a agree with everyone else the leaf does look a bit to contrasting to the rest of the body and yeah you could smooth up the neck line a bit but other than that I absolutely love this model
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By ryancpexpert
#49226 I really like this model, the only thing I can say is like Rxza said, make the skin a bit greener, other than that, very good job.
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By ryancpexpert
#49239 Also, if ts no haste to you, I think you should try the other 2 starters for Hoenn.
By SubGenesis
#49264 Personally I think you might as well do a non starter after you have finished this line as the other lines all have good models and eodins making feraligatr however, the only model for typlosion on the forums isn't so good so you could try him
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By KuryoZT
SubGenesis wrote:Personally I think you should do the important gen 2 pokemon as most of the other starters are already finished
Here's a few that spring to mind

Seriously? You're giving him a list of what to model? That doesn't look good to me. Makes you look like an a$$.
He's started a line, I'd love him to finish it first, or if he wants he can do what he wants.
But don't give list man, just don't.
By SubGenesis
#49285 Sorry, I meant about starting another line - the water and fire types since eodins got one line, I guess there is typlosion as that one isn't so good
I didn't mean to sound pushy I just thought he wanted some suggestions I'll edit the list out