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#33252 xP Its way better than w.hat Im modeling Its shit
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By Sundial_MC
#33327 Hm... If I do the head differently.. How would I do it? As its eyes are like right on the "corners" of the circle... ...
D: I'm stuck
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#33410 You would be best trying roundness (new model, dont delete this one) were you use 22.5 and 45 angles and you should get "roundness" dont go over 45 or techne will screw up with its crappy rotations, so doing this, you will fix those stampded on eyes and hopefully you learn the method of "roundness", because stair casing looks horrible
Ya, look at this poor formatting on my phone
By wave2453
#38856 ya the texture would really make this model because right now it looks good but the texture would perfect it :) good job :D