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By Tom_X
#31259 I don't like the new head, it's too plain in my opinion. Your older head, although a little ugly, elevated more and represented Celebi's head in a better way. Apart from that, the model looks awesome!
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By Tom_X
#32481 It'd be helpful if you posted what you got, so we can aid you
By Vikerus
Sup3rp1gm4n wrote:
Vikerus wrote:- Cut -

How are we able to make those round shapes in Techne?
Like those wings you suggested?

Easy. See those HD skin tuts in the model feedback section? Read one or two. And then use the face of a single block. Texture it to the shape you want leaving the other 5 sides transparent.
By lightdasher
#49096 ...I can't remember my Techne password so I can't upload my Celebi up
Buuuut I can still post pictures right?
I know this is a bump, but I didn't want anyone thinking I just abandoned this
By Vespirs
PressXForPie wrote:Please do not use solid black on textures, it makes the eyes bleed as karrybird says. Use a darker shade of grey or really dark green.

Yes! Straight black is a no no. Also, try and fix the eyes. I can't quite put my finger on what it is that I don't like about them, they just seem... out of place? Other than that, amazing model! :D