By PressXForPie
#19210 Ok Thanks Guys Its Getting there with your help and advice. Im Gonna Fix up the head when im done with the body and tails. Plus I do need to fix the head because when i tried to make the diamond it came out crooked. But anyway guys thanks for your help and support.
By Ewcongogamer
#27892 List of suggestions:
1. I think the neck needs to be angled farther up
2. The ribbons coming out of the same place.
3. Feet flatten, why were they at an angle?
4. Move the body down to have the feet meet the model block
5. The nob on the bottom of his head feels weird as a block, could be better done later if you use a cross of two flat textures of 1x1 blocks.
6. Break the head apart to add more character to the head.
By lugiaisbeast101
#27953 Sorry to bother, but please add a little more thickness to the neck, and lift it, the back of the neck goes right together with its back and his neck is thicker, even if you can't see it clearly in the picture, at the moment, its head and neck doesn't match its body length. Then you can incorporate everyone else's ideas and your own. Oh, and try to add more of a thigh to its back leg. Keep at it and it could possibly be added in to the mod in the near future.
By lugiaisbeast101
PressXForPie wrote:Thanks guys getting right to work

If you wouldn't mind, post your current progress in the begging page by editing the post with the old 3 versions, and it would be good to put them in spoilers
like this
. In doing this, you can organize things easier and it won't clutter up space. It will also help people see that you updated and just didn't quit from modeling.