By Pokechu212
#156590 I'm just starting with blender, and so I thought I'd start simple here too. I saw that Swinub has not been remade yet (as far as I can see), so here it is ^-^

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Quite frankly, I suck at modeling, and so I'd like to know how this model could be better.

I'll try to make a texture later.

Swinub by dthaipome on Sketchfab
Updated: Fattened nose.

There are also some pretty weird polygons that come up when I upload this to sketchfab (turn on wireframe and you'll see what I mean). In the actual model, there are 101 completely organized polygons.

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By JamieS1211
#156610 We already have a swinub remake. Check this post to view what is waiting on a remake.