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By Edeodin
#141836 It's been a long time coming.. but it's finally time to remake this line. For those who don't know, I'm the creator of the techne models in-game right now, which were added just as we first made the transition into OBJ models a looong time ago. Sooo they stuck out like a sore thumb against the other starters, but that ends now!

Totodile [Updated]:



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By bosvan2014
#141840 Nicely done! However...

(Brace yourself)

The hands are funny because Totodiles hands are more like a star than human shaped. The fingers could be sharp instead of rounded. You can take a look at his hands if you don't believe me? Look at the picture. Oh, and the tan chest mark seems off. It seems like it could be made a little wider, and could be more closer to the arms.

But over all, great job!

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By ZeeCount
#141848 Can you split the vertices where the lower part of the legs meet the body? This will make it easier to animate (otherwise his legs will be effectively very small).
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By Edeodin
#143096 I finally had some free time going into the holidays to finish off the Totodile line! I updated the first post to include Croconaw and Feraligatr. I also made adjustments to Totodile, including: reshaping the hands, widening the tan marking, and restructuring the geometry around the legs.