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By zero_breaker
#137979 Screw the head ;-;


EDIT: Meh Granbull done
I'm so done with gen 2 (except tyrogue, maybe, perhaps)


[b]Textures are by: HowlingCoyote


Zero Breaker's Snubbull (Pixelmon) by Nova Spartan on Sketchfab


Zero Breaker's Granbull (Pixelmon) by Nova Spartan on Sketchfab

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By MegamanBlue9
#138155 I think you may want to add it's fangs, And an inside to it's mouth.
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By zero_breaker
#140571 Meh added a mouth to Snubbull and made Granbull
By RikaCreature
#140630 Oh my gosh snubull looks adorbs so far.

Granbull looks great, but I think the jaw is out a bit too far and set a bit too high, also it seems it be missing its nose. I also think the hips could stand to be just a tad wider.

Also, I noticed on a lot of the artwork and models for granbull, its "collar" seems to stick out a bit from its body, so you may want to model that as opposed to leaving it to the texture.
By KumaZone
#140736 Snubble is based on a pug dog, it's nose should stick out just slightly from under an indented crease

also, granbull's lower jaw sticks out way too far and it's nose is too low down this diagram isn't 100% accurate, but it might help.

otherwise, the general shape of the heads, and the bodies look totally magnificent, dude